Photo Critique – Garden of the Gods by Jim Hamilton.

Garden of the Gods by Jim Hamilton

Garden of the Gods by Jim Hamilton

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for last week’s assignment, Use Your Histogram. From the descriptions some of you added to your photos, it’s obvious you’re getting the hang of adjusting your exposure based on reading the histogram – great job! Continue Reading

Photo Critique – Hudson River at two times, by Bill Bogle Jr.

Hudson River in Mid-day light by Bill Bogle Jr.

A big thanks to all of you who submitted photos for this week’s assignment! I think it was very interesting to see the dramatic difference in photos shot of the same subjects at different times of day – I’m happy to see that my message got across! Continue Reading

Photo Critique – Fog in Yellowstone by Chris Lascell

Fog and Trees by Chris Lascell

Fog and Trees by Chris Lascell

This week, I’ve chosen to critique Chris Lascell’s photo of fog and trees. Chris shot this on a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park and says that “The photo was taken near Old Faithful. It’s an area of the park with lots of geothermal activity, so remains covered in fog until late in the morning. The fog lifted and almost immediately switched to bright mid-day sun.” Many of my favorite nature photos involve dramatic atmospheric conditions, and fog is something I seek out whenever I can in order to add a bit of mystery and mood to a photo. Being in the right place at the right time is half the battle in outdoor photography, and Chris did a great job of finding a scene with beautiful subject matter and light. Continue Reading

Photo Critique – Franconia Ridge View by Joe Viger

Here’s a critique I did back in June. I’ll be doing one of these per week during my upcoming photo tips course.


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