Photo Critique – Lands End Sunrise by Luke Barton

Lands End Sunrise by Luke Barton

Lands End Sunrise by Luke Barton

Well this critique marks the end of my initial ten week on-line course, but don’t worry, there are plenty more photo tips and critiques coming in the future! For the course-capping critique I’ve chosen Luke Barton’s photo of sunrise from Lands End in Rockport, Massachusetts. I like this shot because it captures a classic scene on the New England coast with a beautiful combination of light and texture. The dawn light isn’t the most dramatic, but it adds some nice color to the scene that helps create a quiet, peaceful mood. I feel the composition is excellent – the mossy rock really captures the viewer’s attention and acts as a great foreground anchor, highlighting the textures of the moss and shoreline rocks. There is a nice implied diagonal line connecting the rock to the sun, which had the good sense to rise between the two lighthouses in the distance. With the horizon near the top of the frame, Luke was able to include a deep foreground and middle ground, which added the type of visual depth which is necessary in a landscape image such as this one.

The exposure is spot on as well. I’m not sure if Luke used a grad filter in the field or in post-processing, but the image works well because he was able to keep detail and color in the bright horizon, while exposing the darker foreground the proper amount. Some viewers might prefer to see more detail in the rocks in the middle part of the photo, but I personally like them in silhouette. The one area in the photo I might have worked differently is the water. There wasn’t a lot of wave action to create any drama there, so I might have tried a neutral density filter and slowed down the shutter speed to 30 seconds or longer. This would have flattened out the water even more and might have added a bit of a misty look to it while picking up even more of the sunrise colors. Other than that, I love the photo as is.

You can see more of Luke’s photography on his Flickr stream.

If you have any thoughts on his photo or my critique, please post them in the comments section below.

For having his photo selected, Luke will be receiving a copy of The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography. While this was the last critique of this current course, I encourage you to post your own photos to the Flickr Group, as I’ll still be choosing photos to critique on a monthly basis.



P.S. Here’s a look at what’s currently in the Flickr Group:

3 Responses to “Photo Critique – Lands End Sunrise by Luke Barton”

  1. David Pinkhnam says:

    Thanks Jerry. Enjoyed the trip!

  2. Luke Barton says:

    Thanks again Jerry for the great comments/inputs. I always use GND filters when shooting landscapes, as you alluded to it enables you to properly expose the image. I also usually try metering off the foreground to ensure that it is properly exposed.

  3. David – thanks for taking the ride!

    Luke – Thanks for confirming the use of the grad filter and or sharing you photo!

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