Photo Critique – First Light On The Auto Road by Jeff Sinon.

First Light On The Auto Road by Jeff Sinon.

This week’s critique features this photo of dawn above New Hampshire’s Mount Washington by Jeff Sinon. The assignment was to try different focal lengths and perspectives and create an image with visual depth and/or compelling graphic design. Jeff’s shot does a good job of doing both. The wide angle perspective works well because of that great curve in the road and the fact he got right up close to the road. If he had been even a few feet further back, the road would have lost some of it’s impact.

In the video I suggested keeping your horizon line near the top third of the frame when shooting these big wide-angle landscape scenes as a way to give a photo some visual depth. Jeff broke that rule here, but he got away with it. The beautiful sky was definitely a major part of the scene when Jeff was composing this and he did well to include more of it in the photo than would have been there if the horizon was higher up. Despite the lower horizon, the road curving into the distance provides a sense of depth. The car lights are placed well using the rule of thirds and provide a nice starting point for the viewer.

Here are some things I would have also tried if I were shooting this scene. (I’m not sure they would result in a better photo, but when things look this good, you have to shoot multiple ideas, and Jeff might have tried these for all I know.) I would get even closer to the road and shoot from a little higher angle, tilting the camera down a bit to crop some of the sky out, about half way down to where the color really starts. This would stretch out the road, enhancing that feeling of depth that’s already there. This would probably put the horizon close to the middle, but I think that would be o.k. with this scene. I also would have tried photos with cars at different points in the road and tried some long exposures to blur the cars or to create streaks of light.  I would also like to see the road a little brighter (maybe about .5 stop,) which can easily be done in Lightroom with the adjustment brush.

All in all, great photo Jeff! You can see more of Jeff’s photography on his Flickr stream, and he also writes a nice blog worth checking out.

If you have any thoughts on Jeff’s photo or my critique, please post them in the comments section below.

For having his photo selected, Jeff will be receiving a copy of The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography. For a chance to win your own copy, check out this week’s assignment, Depth of Field, and post your photos to our Flickr Group. I’ll be choosing a photo from this week’s assignment next Wednesday.



P.S. Here’s a look at what’s currently in the Flickr Group:

3 Responses to “Photo Critique – First Light On The Auto Road by Jeff Sinon.”

  1. Jeff Sinon says:

    Thank you Jerry, I ‘m honored you chose my photo. It doesn’t hurt that you had such nice things to say about it either!

    I am going to take you up on both of your suggestions. The first will have to wait until one of the Sunrise Drives this summer, but the second, brightening the road, I’m going to try right away.

    Thanks again!

  2. Jeff Sinon says:

    I forgot to add that I did in fact try for some light trails. Between the gaps in traffic, and the almost straight shot down the road, I wasn’t happy with any of them.

    Another thing to try this year. Good thing they open the road 3-4 times for sunrise 🙂

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