Photo Critique – Bike Reflection by Gail Mager.

Bike in Paris by Gail Mager

Bike in Paris by Gail Mager

Last week’s assignment was to create compositions that were simple and featured a dominant subject. I chose the above photo by Gail Mager to critique because I feel it represents both of these concepts really well. Now, it may seem unfair that Gail was in Paris when she shot this (I wish I were in Paris!) but this shot could have been made in just about any city or town. Like in nature, street scenes can be a complicated, jumbled collection of subject matter that needs simplifying if you’re going to make a good photo. I’m sure Gail had a myriad of subjects to choose from here, but she made a good decision to pick out this bicycle and concentrate her efforts there. By cropping this photo tightly, with just the lower half of the bike in the top of the frame, she cut out any distracting elements that were surely in the background. Like I said in the video, eliminating those background elements that don’t complement your main subject simplifies the photo, helps make your main subject dominant, and strengthens the story of the photo.

Gail says of the photo, “What drew my attention to this was that I saw this guy biking around, and the wheels of this bike that caught my eye, as did the reflections off the wet pavement. I was also trying to capture the motion.” Gail did all of those things well here. She panned with the subject as she shot, enhancing the feeling of motion (I’ll be describing how to do this in Week 7), which I really like. The two elements that further enhance the look of this image are the wet reflection (which creates a great repetition of the patterns of the wheels) and the diagonal line that leads the viewers eye from the lower left to the main subject. Diagonal lines always create a more dynamic feel than horizontal and vertical lines. Good job Gail!

If you have any thoughts on Gail’s photo or my critique, please post them in the comments section below.

For having her photo selected, Gail will be receiving a copy of The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography. For a chance to win your own copy, check out this week’s assignment, Composition: Perspective, Visual Depth, and Scale and post your photos to our Flickr Group. I’ll be choosing a photo from this week’s assignment next Wednesday.



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One Response to “Photo Critique – Bike Reflection by Gail Mager.”

  1. Naz says:

    Great shot Gail= love hte color and composition and blur- everythign works really well for this photo- the spots opf yellow and red in the reflecvtions really work well to compliment the teal green too- Well done

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