Photo Critique – Hudson River at two times, by Bill Bogle Jr.

Hudson River in Mid-day light by Bill Bogle Jr.

A big thanks to all of you who submitted photos for this week’s assignment! I think it was very interesting to see the dramatic difference in photos shot of the same subjects at different times of day – I’m happy to see that my message got across!

For this week’s critique, I chose a pair of images of the Hudson River by Bill Bogle that I think are great for pointing out the differences between mid-day light and the low-angled light at the ends of the day. In the above photo shot at noon, it’s easy to see the very harsh quality of the light. The hills in the distance are in shadow and completely black, with no detail. Using a brighter exposure to bring out those details would have overexposed the rocks in the foreground, and the reflections in the water would have become overwhelming. The color of the light is also not very pleasing. The blue sky is great, but the color of the rocks is just blah.

Hudson River in golden hour light by Bill Bogle Jr.

In the “golden hour” photo above, we see how the nice quality of that light brings out the detail in the opposite shoreline and paints it in nice warm tones. The lower contrast light allowed this detail to be captured while maintaining details in the foreground and creating a nice color in the water. Overall, the second photo has a warmer, more pleasing look than the harsh tones of the first photo. Overall, I like the second photo better, but both photos have their place, and Bill did a good job composing the top photo to include more sky, which had some interesting clouds. And I actually think that the sparkles on the water provide a more compelling foreground than the “empty” look of the water in the second photo. How’s that for a mixed message for you! While I espouse using primarily golden hour light for big landscape scenes, the title of the tip was “Maximize the Light” which also means finding a way to use the light available to you in the best possible way by composing the photo so that it features those parts of the scene that have the most interest and best tell your story.

If you have any thoughts on Bill’s photo or my critique, please post them in the comments section below. To see more of Bill’s photos, visit his Flickr page:

For having his photos selected, Bill will be receiving a copy of The AMC Guide to Outdoor Digital Photography. For a chance to win your own copy, check out this week’s assignment, Use your Histogram, and post your photos to our Flickr Group. I’ll be choosing a photo from this week’s assignment next Wednesday.



P.S. Here’s a look at what’s currently in the Flickr Group:

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  1. Derek Lyons says:

    The upper photo would be a great for HDR processing…

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