Waterfall Photo Tips

Tweet I was in the White Mountains last week, and while here is still snow on a lot of the trails, the streams have warmed up, the water is flowing, and waterfalls are at full strength. I put together this video to share the techniques I use when making my waterfall photos. Let me know […]

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Week 10 – Series Wrap-Up.

Tweet Well, we’ve made it through ten weeks of outdoor photography tips together. I really appreciate all of you who have taken the time to watch this series, submit photos, and send me e-mails. I have had a lot of fun and even learned a few things myself! This week’s video encourages you to “participate […]

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Week 9 – Filters.

Tweet Over the course of this video series, I’ve mentioned a few filters from time to time and promised to discuss them in more detail in a later video. Well, here it is! In the video, I talk about the three filters I regularly use (and they’re the only filters I use):

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Week 8 – Shoot Sharp.

Tweet In this week’s video I discuss how to create sharp images, whether you are hand holding your camera or using a tripod. This may not be the most exciting topic, but it is pretty darn important if you ever want to display your images as anything but a low-res Facebook photo or a 4″ […]

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Week 7 – Capturing Motion.

Tweet Last week I talked about varying your aperture to create different effects through depth of field. In a static landscape scene where nothing is moving, you can set your aperture, then use whatever shutter speed gives you a proper exposure (assuming you are using a tripod if your shutter speed is less than around […]

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Week 6 – Depth of Field.

Tweet This week we tackle depth of field, which describes how much of your photo appears to be in focus, from the front of the image to the distant background.

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Week 5: Composition – Perspective, Depth, and Scale.

Tweet In this week’s video, I continue to talk about composition, specifically in regards to perspective, visual depth, and scale. Hopefully, you now have a handle on balance, dominance, and simplicity from the last couple of weeks because you still need to take all of those things into account when applying this week’s tip.

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Week 4: Composition – Dominance and Simplicity

Tweet Last week I covered balance in a composition and how the rule of thirds can help you achieve a more dynamic look by creating an asymmetrical balance. This week’s video looks at dominance and simplicity, two concepts that will help you insure that the main subject of your photo takes center stage (though it […]

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Week 3: Composition Basics.

Tweet Now that you understand light and exposure (you did watch the tips from week 1 and week 2, right?) it’s time to tackle composition. Composition is the most creative part of photography and involves a myriad of concepts, from perspective and balance, to depth of field and scale. It’s also an aspect of photography […]

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Week 2 – Use Your Histogram

Tweet Modern cameras are pretty good at determining the proper camera settings for making properly exposed photos, but if you are going to consistently achieve well-exposed images you will eventually need to take your camera out of program mode and make your own decisions regarding exposure. Back in olden times (about ten years ago,) we […]

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The night sky over Eagle Lake in Maine's Acadia National Park. Winter.

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